Jonathan Burrows - CV
Born Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England, 1960.

Soloist with The Royal Ballet (1979-1992).

Performed with the Rosemary Butcher Company (1986-1999).

Burrows is currently engaged with an ongoing body of duets made with composer Matteo Fargion, which began in 2002 with Both Sitting Duet, followed by The Quiet Dance (2005), Speaking Dance (2006), Cheap Lecture (2009), The Cow Piece (2009), Counting To One Hundred (2011) and One Flute Note (2012). The two men have now given over 200 performances across 28 countries. Both Sitting Duet won a 2004 New York Dance and Performance 'Bessie' Award, and Cheap Lecture was chosen for the 2009 Het Theaterfestival in Belgium.

He is a visiting member of faculty at P.A.R.T.S, the school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in Brussels, and has also been a Visiting Professor for the Department of Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway, University Of London, the Performance Studies Department of Hamburg University, the Institute for Theatre Studies at the Free University Berlin, the Koninklijke Academie van Schone Kunsten Gent, The Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at Giessen University and the Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University London.

A Choreographer’s Handbook was published by Routledge in 2010 and has sold 6,500 copies to date and been translated into German and Slovenian

He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Royal Holloway University of London.

Since 2002 Burrows and Fargion have given performances in Belgium, Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Italy, Austria, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, USA, Finland, Lithuania, Brazil, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, South Korea, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Australia.

In House Artist the Nightingale, Brighton, 2013-

Artist-In-Residence Kaaitheater, Brussels, 2008-2012

Artist-In-Residence The South Bank Centre, London 1998-99

Associate company Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent, Belgium 1992- 2002

Resident company The Place Theatre, London 1992-94

Honorary Visiting Professor in the department of Drama, Theatre and Performance, Roehampton University, 2013-14

Visiting Professor, Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen, 2012

Visiting Professor Koninklijke Academie van Schone Kunsten Gent, 2012

Visiting Professor, Institute for Theatre Studies at the Free University Berlin, 2010-11

Visiting Professor, Performance Studies Department of Hamburg University, 2009-10 and 2011-12

Visiting Professor, Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2006-2008

Visiting member of faculty P.A.R.T.S, Brussels, 1999-

Since 2002 Jonathan Burrows has led workshops and seminars in the following countries: Australia, UK, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, USA, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Norway, Korea, France, Croatia, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Poland and Canada.

A Choreographer's Handbook, (Routledge, 2010 (2nd edition 2011), translations in German (Tanz Magazine 2010) and Slovenian (Maska, 2011)

Jonathan Burrows and Adrian Heathfield in dialogue, Performance Matters, 2010 (also published in Etcetera Magazine, Belgium, 2010)

Weak Dance Strong Questions, article written with Jan Ritsema, Performance Research, 2003

Time, Motion, Symbol, Line, Eye Magazine, The International Review of Graphic
Design, Issue 37 Volume 10, Autumn 2000

Conversations with Choreographers, South Bank Centre, London, 1998

See Articles for full bibliography of magazine profiles and interviews

Rebelling Against Limit, (lecture concert, 40 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2013)

Show And Tell, (lecture concert, 60 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2013)

One Flute Note, (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2012)

Counting To One Hundred, (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2011)

Holding Them In Front Of You, (30 minutes, in collaboration with Adrian Heathfield, 2010)

Dogheart, (45 minutes, in collaboration with Chrysa Parkinson, 2010)

The Cow Piece, (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2009)

Cheap Lecture, (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2009)

Speaking Dance, (45 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2006)

The Quiet Dance, (40 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2005)

Both Sitting Duet, (40 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2002)

Weak Dance Strong Questions, (50 minutes, in collaboration with Jan Ritsema, 2001)

Singing, (15 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, 1999)

Things I Don’t Know, (50 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, Kevin Volans, 1998)

Quintet, (15 minutes, mus. Tom Johnson, light. Michael Hulls, 1997)

The Stop Quartet, (45 minutes, mus. Kevin Volans, Matteo Fargion, light. Michael Hulls, 1996)

Our, (50 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, light. Tina MacHugh, 1994)

Very, (50 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, light. Peter Mumford, 1992)

Stoics, (45 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, Felix Mendelssohn, 1991)

Dull morning cloudy mild, (50 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, 1989)

Hymns, (50 minutes, 1988)

Motionbank, (in collaboration with Matteo Fargion - web project curated by the William Forsythe Company, 2011-13)

Shouting Dance, (in collaboration with Matteo Fargion - project for teenagers commissioned by Cultuurcentrum Hasselt and Dans in Limberg, 2010)

On Pleasure – Performance, Theory, Act, (contributions to a performance by Tim Etchells for Tanzquartier Vienna, 2009)

Associate Director, The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other by Peter Handke (The National Theatre, London, 2008)

Schreibstuck, (Thomas Lehman, commissioned by Kaaitheater Brussels, 2007)

Duet, (in collaboration with Akram Khan for Desert Steps, an evening of music by Kevin Volans, 1999)

Other Bodies, (video installation made in collaboration with Wendy Houston and Peter Newman, South Bank Centre, 1999)

Walking/music, (Ballett Frankfurt, 25 minutes, mus. Kevin Volans, light. Michael Hulls, 1997)

Stoics, (The Royal Ballet, 12 minutes, design Craig Givens, 1991)

Dance Umbrella 2012 (London festival co-curated with Betsy Gregory)

Remembering British New Dance (a series of seminars co-curated with Ramsay Burt at Siobhan Davies Studio, Sadler's Wells Theatre and Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2012)

All The World Likes To Dance To A Beat (an evening curated for Fondation Cartier, Paris, 2012)

Parallel Voices (five discussion events conceived and hosted by Jonathan Burrows for Siobhan Davies Studios, 2007, with Jerome Bel, Bojana Cvejic, Siobhan Davies,
Tim Etchells, Matteo Fargion, Adrian Heathfield, Nicholas Hytner, Xavier Le Roy, Kate McIntosh, Katie Mitchell and Lloyd Newson)

As it is (an evening of performances by Dana Casperson, Michael Clark, William Forsythe, Amanda Miller, Paul Selwyn Norton, and Meg Stuart at The South Bank Centre, London, 1998)

Both Sitting Duet, The Quiet Dance and Speaking Dance (video, dir. Hugo Glendinning, 2009)

Both Sitting Duet (video 45 minutes, dir. Adam Roberts, 2003)

Singing (video 15 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, dir. Adam Roberts, 2003)

The Stop Quartet, (16mm b&w 45 minutes, mus. Kevin Volans, dir. Adam Roberts, 1996)

Blue Yellow, (16mm 12 minutes, mus. Kevin Volans, dir. Adam Roberts, dan. Sylvie Guillem, 1995 as part of Evidentia for France Television)

Hands, (35mm b&w 5 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, dir. Adam Roberts, 1995 for the BBC/Arts Council)

Our/film, (16mm b&w 12 minutes, dir. Adam Roberts, 1994)

Very, (16mm b&w 13 minutes, dir. Adam Roberts, 1993)

The Far End of the Garden, (a portrait of Jonathan Burrows, directed by Ross MacGibbon for the BBC/Arts Council, 1992)

Honorary Doctorate, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2010

Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award, for Both Sitting Duet, New York, 2003

Nominated for a South Bank Award, London, for Both Sitting Duet and Singing, 2003

Foundation For Contemporary Performance Arts Award, New York, 2002 in recognition for ongoing contributions to contemporary dance

Prudential Award, London, 1995

Time Out Award, London, 1994

Digital Dance Award, London, 1992